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Exterior and interior cleaning.


A whole day dedicated to cleaning the exterior and interior of your vehicle to a high standard. Below is a summary of the work that we carry out.

  • Alloy wheels washed and agitated using soft wheel brushes and non-acidic cleaners protected with hydrophobic sealants
  • Door shuts and boot recess cleaned thoroughly
  • Hard water and limescale residues dissolved and removed
  • Pre-washed using water-based degreasers and snow-foamed
  • Removal of tar deposits
  • Multi-stage safe wash using the 2-bucket method
  • Vehicle dried with soft towels and machine blowers
  • Hydrophobic and ceramic sealants applied to the paintwork, protecting your vehicle from 3-6 months
  • Window sealants applied
  • Exterior rubber and trim restored
  • Exterior metal and britework cleaned and polished
  • Tyres dressed


A Bespoke service steam cleaning, cleansing, shampooing and deodorising your vehicle’s interior.

  • Car vacuumed throughout
  • Headlining, carpets, mats, seatbelts and the boot steam cleaned, shampooed and deodorised
  • Leather seats deep cleaned and conditioned
  • Centre console and dash cleaned

  • Odour neutralising treatment applied

  • Final inspection with scangrip LED lighting

Exterior and Interior
Cars from £150
Range Rovers 4×4 from £200

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