Enhancement Detail

Enhancement Detail

A Transformation of your vehicle in one day

Option 1:
3-6 months protection: exterior only 6-8HRS

Our most popular service. Designed to give your vehicle a natural lift and look better than new. We remove all your swirl marks and light imperfections whilst protecting the paintwork for 3-6 months with ceramic and hydrophobic sealants.

Part of the service is to leave you with as much knowledge as you require to maintain your vehicle safely and efficiently with product recommendations to help keep your car looking amazing. Ideal for new and used cars that require a lot of improvement whilst keeping to a budget.

  • Alloy wheels washed and agitated using soft wheel brushes and non-acidic cleaners, protected with hydrophobic sealants
  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed; electrics protected with plastic coverings
  • Door shuts and boot recess cleaned thoroughly
  • Hard water and limescale residues dissolved and removed
  • Pre-washed using water-based degreasers and snow-foams
  • Decontamination of the vehicle including clay-barring and removal of tar deposits
  • Multi-stage safe wash using the 2-bucket method
  • Vehicle dried with soft towels and machine blowers
  • Rubber and plastics taped up
  • Stage 1 machine polish to remove swirl marks and light imperfections.
  • Hydrophobic & ceramic sealants applied to the paintwork protecting your vehicle from 3-6 months
  • Exterior rubber and trim restored
  • Exterior metal & britework cleaned and polished
  • Tyres dressed

Cars: £250

4×4/Large Cars i.e. Range Rover: £300

Option 2:
As above, plus interior

A Bespoke service steam cleaning, cleansing, shampooing and deodorising your vehicle’s interior.

  • Car vacuumed throughout
  • Headlining, carpets, mats, seatbelts and the boot steam cleaned, shampooed and deodorised
  • Leather seats deep cleaned and conditioned
  • Centre console and dash cleaned
  • Odour neutralising treatment applied
  • Final inspection with scangrip LED lighting

Exterior and Interior
Cars: £75 in addition to Option 1 above

4×4/Large Cars i.e. Range Rover: £100 in addition to Option 1 above

These prices are only valid when purchased with Option 1 and booked simultaneously.

Please note

As we experience a lot of wet weather in the UK, this plays havoc with polishing vehicles outside. Nothing can be done about the rain, so often dates are moved. If you want to guarantee your vehicle will be completed for a certain event, we’d recommend you book our unit at £50 extra. Please note a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the unit.

If your vehicle has not been maintained on a regular basis and takes longer to bring up to the required standard an extra fee will be applied.

An extra fuel charge will be added over a certain radius from Maidenhead which will be discussed prior to booking.

What is Claying?

Before you start to remove the scratches and swirl marks from the paintwork, you have to properly clean the surface of your vehicle. This process is called claying. A clay bar is used to remove embedded surface contamination which still remains after washing a vehicle. The contamination could be brake dust, tree sap, bird droppings, tar, over spray and oxidisation which is not always visible to the naked eye. After using a clay bar on your paintwork, the surface will be as smooth as glass and properly prepped for hand polish and wax.

The images below show a Ferrari Scaglietti which had road marking paint down one side. We brought the paint back to it’s original standard with one day of claying and polishing.

Products used

Bilt- Hamber

Chemical Guys
Koch Chemie

Lake Country
Poor Boys

Scholl Concepts
Shine Auto
Valet Pro

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